Tuesday, 20 September 2011

New reports on reuse and UK HE (and OER)

Reuse has often been portrayed as a Holy Grail in terms of sustainable elearning. It is also something that academics already do, when we quote and attribute we are reusing and acknolwdeging reuse. So when we are talking about reuse and open resources we may include this regular reuse but we are also talking about reusing digital resources, reused as a result of online delivery to educator(s) and/or learner(s). What the open license aspect adds is still emerging and all this activity is part of what is still a new approach to teaching.

It is great news that there are reports emerging from the Impact of OER study funded by JISC and led by teams at University of Oxford. There is lots of food for thought and discussion in these so check out

White and Manson, The value of Reuse in Higher Education

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