Friday, 15 April 2011

Launching ... Launching .... she's airborne!

This is very much the beta version of a website for the ORIOLE project. This is a project which, in its first stage, is led by Chris Pegler (Open University) as part of her National Teaching Fellowship project activity. But is a team effort - see people - and we hope will become over time more of a community affair.

During Phase 1 (to end of July 2011) there will be an online survey around reuse and open resources. Results will be shared, so please take part and check back here for further dissemination. There will also be activity at the up-coming Association of National Teaching Fellows symposium at University of Leicester (9-10 May) and a retreat at Woburn (12-13 June).

So, lots of activity in this phase and some interesting learning to share. Watch this space ...