OeRBITAL, Biosciences and Terry McAndrew for deciding they should all do the survey, because its relevant to what they are doing. Really appreciated. Thanks.

Anoush Margaryan at Glasgow Caledonian not only helped me get my head around some of the questions (for which thanks are given elsewher), but tells me that they flagged it on the TEPL SIG platform included an item on the survey in their quarterly TEPL newsletter, tweeted AND asked colleagues to forward survey info to PGCert participants and Scholars and Associate Fellows.  Excellent and really appreciated.
Thanks to GlittrGirl for the tweet about the survey. I know lots of you tweeted, but I noticed her first.

Thank you to Moira Bent for reminding me that Librarians do OER too and posting the survey link on some of her lists and on her Moira's Infolit Blog.

Ta to Alan Cann for blogging it (and then some) on Science of the Invisible

Thanks for Anna Comas Quinn and the LORO bunch for putting it into their newsletter

Steve Stapleton got us onto the Xpert Twitter feed when he blogged about the survey and what a great picture of an ORIOLE he used. We want one of those!

 Thanks to ADM for making this a sector news story

The InfoLit blog for posting on it.