There are other orioles about. Ours is an acronym. Other notable orioles are the Baltimore Oriole baseball team and the bird - native to the US but has made the trip to Scotland on occasion. The bird in our logo is an oriole, the colour scheme is influenced by baseball team and the shape by the oreo cookie. (Not an oriole, but close).  Turns out (thanks Peter Hartley for this one, there is a song 'The Bluebird, The Buzzard and The Oriole (Lyrics), in which I am happy to see the little Oriole has a fine rock and roll time with the other big birds.

Our acronym came from Patrick McAndrew and has turned out to be particularly relevant as oriole birds (pictured) are linked with reuse of found materials and testing these with others.

Image: Perpetualplum  (CC:BY)
In the choice of building material the birds are very careful. They know well that no branch supports the nest from beneath; that the safety of the young orioles depends on good, strong material well woven together. In some wise way they seem to know at a glance whether a thread is strong enough to be trusted; but sometimes, in selecting the first threads that are to bear the whole weight of the nest, they are unwilling to trust to appearances. At such times a pair of birds may be seen holding a little tug-of-war, with feet braced, shaking and pulling the thread like a pair of terriers, till it is well tested. (Extract from The Oriole's Nest a class children's book, The Baldwin project)