Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Survey - Last Call extended

I have not done all that I might to publicise the extension to the survey (there are reasons) but it WILL close at the end of August, so if you have not yet tried it, or told friends about it, please do that now.

Here is a link to a PDF showing the questions (think of all the lovely open data this will allow us to share and use and compare ...)

Here is a link to the charities we have nominated to benefit (three of these will get £100 each, nominated by those who complete the survey.

We already have 150 UK respondents so we would love more, but would really really love more from people who are outside the UK to broaden our view.

Please disseminate. Not a lot of time left now.



  1. Can you post the links that briefly appeared on the last page of the survey, please? I'd like to follow them but I'm not going through that again :-)

  2. Brian, Thanks for doing it. The links to charities is shown at

    The links to projects mentioned in the survey are:

    UKOER - http//
    CD-LOR -
    Rghts and Rewards -

    The last two are not current projects, but key staff are still contactable within Glasgow Caledonian or Loughbough - the two HEIs.

    Hope that covers it. Chris

  3. That would be Rights and Rewards - C.