Friday, 6 May 2011

Starting off the survey ...

The ORIOLE team, and some friends at Glasgow Caledonian and Oxford Universities (thanks Anoush, Colin, Liz and David) have been agonising and arguing about what questions we would like to know answers to. The questions that we would really like to ask n-zillion people, but don't have the resources for. The small gaps in research into reuse and sharing that we would like to fill. The result is a survey directed at people who use learning and teaching resources in practice. If you are one of these please read on ...

The survey is open from 5-26 May 2011 and should take less than 30 minutes of your time. Access via the START SURVEY button on right. We would really appreciate your input and have offered a 'reward' for completion of the survey. You will be able to nominate three charities from several options, or the same charity up to three times. The top three will each receive a £100 donation on behalf of the survey respondants. So you will be helping us and being charitable too.

Anything wrong about this survey is undoubtedly my fault. It has been inspired by some other memorable surveys in the history of reuse. Notably that by the CD-LOR (Community Dimensions of Learning Object Repositories) project. Data will be shared. For early sight of the results do the survey and indicate that you would like to know more.

JUST A LITTLE WARNING: If you were about to follow the START SURVEY link with trusty iPad or mobile device in hand note that the questions arranged as card sorts show as very large grids on some devices and in some browsers. Apologies and suggestion that you might care to use a more conventional desktop to have a more comfortable experiences.



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